Specialists in Supply and Installation of PRFV & EPOXY Piping Systems.

Generating value

Montajes Mares we are characterized by our versatility. We work in manufacturing and mechanical assembly, both nationally and internationally, covering a wide range of industrial sectors and civil works. We provide quality solutions, allowing our clients to have a reliable supplier, which allows them to optimize their costs and execute the assigned work with speed and quality.


Piping systems · Accessories · Special parts · Spools


Buried and aerial pipe installation. Execution of spools and pieces on site


PRFV and EPOXY coatings on Steel, Stainless, Concrete and PRFV.

I · R · M · S

Inspection · Repair · Maintenance · Supervision

Advice & Design

Advice and design of the piping system, installation and assembly.

Executed projects

Our extensive experience in planning and assembling desalination and water treatment projects, cooling systems for thermal, solar thermal and regasification plants, irrigation systems and sanitation and storm tanks, allows us to offer the best solutions for each project, optimizing installation performance and reducing costs.

They trust us